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W.E. (2011)
Andrea as Wallis Simpson
Status: Out 20 Jan 2012 (UK)
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Resistance (2011)
Andrea as Sarah
Status: Complete
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Shadow Dancer (2012)
Andrea as Colette McVeigh
Status: Complete
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Disconnect (2012)
Andrea as Nina
Status: Post-production
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Welcome to the Punch (2012)
Andrea as Sarah Hawks
Status: Post-production
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Oblivion (2013)
Andrea as Victoria
Status: Post-production
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Hidden (2013)
Andrea as ...
Status: Pre-production
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“Resistance” at the Hay Festival

“Resistance” is part of the 2011 Hay Festival. Owen Sheers, novelist and screenwriter, will preview clips from the film on Sunday 29 May on 7pm at Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage. Admittance is £7. The Telegraph – official sponsor of the Hay Festival – published a lengthy article by Sheers detailing his experience working on the film. A small extract is quoted below but you should read the whole thing here.

Suddenly we were just weeks away from filming. Everything was falling into place.
Everything, that is, except for our leading lady, for whom we were still looking. Then word came through from Sam Jones, our casting director, that Andrea Riseborough – the actress who played Margaret Thatcher to great acclaim in the television drama The Long Walk to Finchley and will soon be seen as Wallis Simpson in Madonna’s new film, WE – might be available. She was, however, about to leave the country for her home in Los Angeles. Amit didn’t waste any time. Driving out to Heathrow to meet her in the departures hall they discussed his aspirations for the film and for the part of Sarah Lewis which we hoped she’d accept. [...]

I met Andrea myself at the end of that first day’s filming. The house we were using was high on the slopes of Llanthony valley. She wore a large padded coat over her costume and was playing a guitar on a sofa in the kitchen. It felt like meeting two people at once – our female lead who I didn’t yet know, and a woman I’d dreamt up many years ago who I did.

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