Current Projects

W.E. (2011)
Andrea as Wallis Simpson
Status: Out 20 Jan 2012 (UK)
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Resistance (2011)
Andrea as Sarah
Status: Complete
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Shadow Dancer (2012)
Andrea as Colette McVeigh
Status: Complete
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Disconnect (2012)
Andrea as Nina
Status: Post-production
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Welcome to the Punch (2012)
Andrea as Sarah Hawks
Status: Post-production
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Oblivion (2013)
Andrea as Victoria
Status: Post-production
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Hidden (2013)
Andrea as ...
Status: Pre-production
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Magazine Scans

I have updated the gallery with scans of all sorts of magazines that Andrea has been featured in over the years. Although quite a number can now be found in the gallery those are by no means all the scans available so if you have anything you would like to share with Andrea Riseborough Fan please don’t hesitate and contact me. Donations and contributions are always more than welcome.

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The Devil’s Whore Captures Added

In 2008 Andrea starred in Channel Four’s four part mini-series The Devil’s Whore- an epic story of the English Civil War as seen through the eyes of Angelica Fanshawe, a spirited aristocratic woman who is drawn to the anti-monarchist cause at a time when England dared to execute its King and search for an alternative means of government.

I’m not usually an enthusiast for costume dramas and so I was a bit skeptical at first. Neither did I know much about the English Civil War and so it was a bit confusing for me at times. Andrea did a brilliant job as Angelica as did all of the other actors as far as I can judge that. It was all a bit too bloody and murderous for my taste but then I guess so was the 17th century.

Screen captures of all four episodes can be found in the gallery.

x406 The Devil’s Whore 1×01 captures
x455 The Devil’s Whore 1×02 captures
x406 The Devil’s Whore 1×03 captures
x441 The Devil’s Whore 1×04 captures

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Gallery Layout

Andrea-Riseborough.Com‘s first gallery layout features a photo shoot Andrea did for Evening Standard. The shoot is one of my favorites. I am also very fond of the colors. The greens and the yellows are quite lovely. I hope you all like it as well.

version 1

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More Party Animals Caps

The site is coming along nicely. I have added lots more screen captures of Andrea in Party Animals. I have also begun to make captures of Andrea in The Devil’s Whore those will be added soon. The gallery will also receive a fresh look soon.

Not naturally a girl’s girl, she’s also blatantly ambitious, which is why, when she sees the opportunity to work with Jo, she doesn’t hesitate to use her charms on Danny to secure the opportunity. She doesn’t intend to stay as a researcher for longer than a year and has big plans for herself – something she tells Danny early on and which really bugs him. When Scott drops into the office they flirt outrageously in the ‘they pretend to hate each other’ kind of way, which irritates Danny and amuses Jo.

x144 Party Animals 1×01 screen captures
x181 Party Animals 1×02 screen captures
x189 Party Animals 1×03 screen captures
x221 Party Animals 1×04 screen captures
x178 Party Animals 1×05 screen captures

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Andrea Named One of Variety’s 10 Actors to Watch

It was a fellow Brit that sparked Andrea Riseborough’s passion for performing: William Shakespeare.

The English thesp began reading the Bard when she was 8 years old, acting in plays when she was 9.

“I became obsessed with Shakespeare,” recalls the rising star, seen currently in Mark Romanek’s film adaptation of “Never Let Me Go” and Nigel Cole’s “Made in Dagenham,” set to open Nov. 19. [...]

But it’s Riseborough’s role in the heartrending “Never Let Me Go” — where she plays opposite Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield — that marks her first official foray into American cinema.

“We had a bond between us,” says Riseborough of her U.K. castmates. “It was a very happy set in terms of our dynamic, which is strange because the subject matter is so hard.”

For her part in “Dagenham,” which dramatizes the 1968 strike at the Ford car plant, Riseborough spent months training in a factory alongside co-stars Miranda Richardson, Rosamund Pike and Sally Hawkins. “It’s so interesting,” she says of the film, which won rave reviews at the Toronto Film Festival. “The movie has such a beating heart.”

And Riseborough’s portrayal of Rose, a messed-up teen in director Rowan Jaffe’s forthcoming “Brighton Rock,” is also generating buzz. The film, based on the Graham Greene book (and featuring Helen Mirren and Sam Riley), “is about good versus evil,” explains its star: “Rose comes from a broken home. She’s had no encouragement, no sense that she should be noticed.”

Also, Riseborough has signed up for WWII pic “Resistance” and just wrapped another project — the Madonna-helmed “W.E.,” about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

“We had a real complicity,” notes Riseborough of her relationship with the pop star-filmmaker. “From the moment we met, the world has been about the Duke and Duchess and Madonna. It’s been a complete journey into another time.”

LUCKY BREAK: “When my teacher Miss Greenwood set a copy of ‘The Greatest Works of William Shakespeare’ on my desk in class. That was a seriously lucky break.”
FAVORITE FILM: “There’s not one that made me realize I wanted to be an actor. There are some beautiful moments in so many films.”
THE CAREER I’D LIKE TO EMULATE: “I want to be involved in good work.”

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The Long Walk to Finchley Caps

In 2008 Andrea starred in the BBC production Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley a satirical drama based on Margaret Thatcher’s early years in politics. Here is what Andrea said about playing the Iron Lady.

“I wouldn’t say I loved Thatcher by the end of it but I did end up feeling very warm towards the character.”

“There was no one who believed in social reform like Thatcher, she really wanted to make this country a better place. I don’t agree with her politics on any level, but that’s what she did. All that, as well as holding down her own family and giving Denis his poached egg and toast and Marmite every morning.”

I really enjoyed the film. As an outsider to British politics my knowledge about Thatcher was slim. Andrea did an amazing job. I have added some 600 DVD captures of the film to the gallery and I will probably also be adding clips soon.

x678 The Long Walk to Finchley DVD captures

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Andrea named break out star at the TIFF

It should be easy to recognize Andrea Riseborough — after all, she appeared in a trio of films that played in Toronto: “Brighton Rock,” “Never Let Me Go” and “Made in Dagenham.” Yet such is her transformative power and skill at subtle characterization in the three performances that the 28-year-old British actress can come as a complete surprise in person.

Sitting on a hotel patio, wearing a boho-hip ensemble of an oversized brown plaid jacket and patterned scarf, she pulled out a comically slim cigarette (while researching a stage role, she said, she discovered the brand is favored by Eastern European flight attendants). Her bright lilac-colored nails, she noted, were for the part she is currently filming: Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee for whom Prince Edward abdicated the throne of England, in Madonna’s directing effort “W.E.” [...]

Although she shot all three films the same year, she didn’t hatch some grand plan to have them all play at Toronto. “I’m just really pleased the festival shares my taste,” she said.[...]

“I think I find it fulfilling, moving to the beat of somebody else’s drum for a while,” she said. “I don’t know what that is in me, whether it’s escapism or whether it’s nosiness or some kind of voyeurism or fascination or addiction. I’m not sure what it is, but I find it very interesting.”

You can read the whole article here

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Andrea Cast In “Resistance”

Andrea has joined the cast of “Resistance”. The film will be directed by Amit Gupta and is an adaptation of the World War II novel of the same name from Owen Sheers. Tom Wlaschiha and Michael Sheen have also signed on.

The movie is set in an alternative 1944 where Russia has fallen to Nazi Germany and the D-Day landings have failed. With Britain partly occupied by German forces, a group of Welsh villagers wake to discover that their husbands have mysteriously disappeared. Andrea will play one of the women forced to co-operate with a German patrol after their husbands disappear in German-occupied Britain.

The drama is due to start shoot around Abergavenny, Wales, in late October.

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“Party Animals” Caps Added

I am slowly working on building up the gallery. So far there is not a lot to be seen but I am working on trying to change that. I have just added screen captures of two episodes of Party Animals. I really enjoyed the show. It’s a shame it didn’t get a second series. For all those not familiar with the show there is some information below. If you want to learn even more you can visit the official BBC website.

Party Animals is a warm and witty new show from the makers of No Angels and This Life.

Drawing on a wealth of first-hand research it presents Westminster from the ground up – the young researchers and advisors shouldering huge responsibility in a frantic, high-stakes world. It’s no wonder their personal lives are so messy.

x147 Party Animals 1×07 screen captures
x162 Party Animals 1×08 screen captures

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Andrea Riseborough Fan

Welcome to Andrea Riseborough Fan. In just a couple of days you will be able to come to this domain for all your Andrea news. The site is very much still being constructed so there is not much to be seen yet but there will be in a while – so stay tuned.

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